The IJP Centenary Conference New York: 100 years

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The Psychoanalytic Core: Encountering and Speaking to the Unconscious

You are cordially invited to participate in three major Celebration Centenary Conferences which will take place in New York, Buenos Aires and London.

Titled ‘The Psychoanalytic Core: Encountering and Speaking to the Unconscious’  the sessions will focus on the foundational features which make up the essence of psychoanalysis and look at our take on them in the early part of the 21stcentury,  they will explore what it means to encounter the unconscious.

Some of the most renowned contemporary analysts will join us in celebrating The International Journal of Psychoanalysis and the unique history that it holds in New York (19 – 20 October 2018), Buenos Aires (en español,  5-6 April 2019) and London (20 – 21 July 2019).

The North American Centenary Conference 

Our first Centenary Conference is structured as a two day retreat at the Doral Arrowwood Resort, a large estate in Rye Brook, New York. A small conference with pre-circulated papers discussed in small groups. We feel that this will be a landmark event.

Because attendance will be limitedand papers must be distributed well in advance, it is advisable for those who wish to attend to register early.

The official conference programme will run from 12pm on Friday 19thto 6pm on Saturday 20thwith a gala dinner on Friday evening and optional off site dinner for those staying Saturday 20th.

Sessions & Speakers

Chaired by Wendy Katz

  • The unconsciousness of mental life

Speakers: Mitchell Wilson, David Tuckett, Jonathan Lear.

Chaired by Robert Paul

  • Psychical reality and trauma

Speakers: Jay Greenberg, Lawrence J. Brown.

Chaired by Donald Moss

  • The psychical significance of sexuality

Speakers: Richard Simpson, Nancy Kulish.

Chaired by Richard Zimmer

  • The unconscious of the child

Speakers: Judy Yanof, Margot Waddell.

Chaired by Alfred Margulies

  • Repetition and the death drive

Speakers: Lucy LaFarge, Rachel Blass, Bruce Reis.

Plenary Speaker:  Steven H. Cooper

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