Psychic Survival in the Face of Misogyny

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Women and Psychoanalysis Committee (COWAP)

More than ever we are in the midst of a national conversation about misogyny and sexual assault. From Hollywood to Washington D.C., in corporations and institutions across the country, each day seems to bring new revelations of a culture of harassment and abuse of women. For better and worse, the topic of misogyny has never been more public or more important.

The goal of this two-day conference is to expand awareness of this issue beyond what is social and political, and explore the personal and internal glass ceiling experience of persevering in the face of misogyny.

Through an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens, the theme “Psychic Survival in the face of Misogyny: A dialectic between the internal and external glass ceiling” will be related to both current events and psychological and psychoanalytic themes.

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